Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silver Heels

This past weekend was the Collingwood Yacht Club's Annual Sail Past and Grandpa and Oma invited us up to join them on Silver Heels. The sail past was going to be my first time actually out on the water. The weather didn't cooperate when we visited Silver Heels last time and we only had lunch on the boat.
But this time it was a perfect day for sailing; the sun was shining and the wind was blowing and I spent most of the trip asleep with Mom down below.
Nick and Shannon came with us; they along with Dad were the crew; Oma was in charge of in-sail services and Mom was in charge of me.
Skipper Grandpa at the helm.
I woke up for the end of the sail, just in time to see that we had actually left the dock and to help the Skipper get us back home safely.
Modeling the latest motionball hat!
After sailing we headed home to put on our party clothes and came back to the Club for dinner and dancing. It was a great night and while Mom did bring the camera, she neglected to take any photos from the rest of the night.
Team Silver Heels Ahoy! Mom got us all these jazzy Silver Heels matching t-shirts. We were the best dressed sailing team on the water. Thanks for the great visit Grandpa and Oma, I'll be back!

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