Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bang Trims and T-Shirts

Lola's regular hair dresser is in Florida for the winter, so Tanta Ness was willing to step in ad help us out. Tanta Ness is just finishing up at beauty school and for the time being is offering mobile bang trims.
They both looked amazing in their matching leopard print capes.
Tanta Ness does really good work! Thanks for coming all this way on a busy snowy afternoon Tanta Ness!A nice shot of the trim. Lola is still growing her hair out; she plans on having the longest hair in the family, a sort of Rapunzel kind of thing.
Quinn has no hair to be trimmed, but he does have this awesome onesie. He is officially branded; I wonder if we need pay someone royalties for this? I'll look into it, but in the meantime thanks for the shirt Sarah!

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