Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Crib

We recently got the crib in Quinn's room set up. This crib has had a long history of comforting babies while they sleep. It started in 2002 with Zen, its previous occupant was Lola and now Quinn has taken to it like a champ.
Back in 2008 when we first put Lola in it she looked lost, but Quinn at the same age is bigger and seems to fill out the crib a bit more.
(the baby above is 2week old Lola)
Quinn and Lola are doing great and Lola is adjusting to the life of a big sister swimmingly!She is excited that the crib is up and really wants to get in the crib with her little brother. Maybe they will both want to sleep in there and Darcy and I can reclaim our bed! Fingers crossed!

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