Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mom - Five Years Later

I wasn't going to write anything this year, but then I talked to my older brother and he revealed some recent douchbaggery and I felt that I needed to put something out there. Something about Mom that no one else could alter, or colour, or take credit for; something that is ours.

I only have a few photos of my Mom and us kids and that makes me so sad. I've looked at all of them countless times and of the photos that I do have these are my favourites.
I love this photo, my mom looks beautiful and happy, Jeff looks annoyed, Jeremy couldn't care less and I am amazingly cute.
In this one I see Lola, Joseph and Shaymus. Seriously it is freaky. I love that we made kids that look so much like us and in this one photo they are all with their grandmother.

This photo makes me smile; an equal number of lives to be remembered and lives still being lived. This is my favourite photo of us. My hair and tan look great and I wish that I wasn't slouching, but what I really love is how proud and full of love my Mom is. She was so happy the day that Joseph was born; we were all so happy. I like to look at this photo and remember that one perfect moment when we were all together and happy. I wish that I had a photo like this to pass on to Lola and Quinn; I wish that hadn't been stolen from me, from them, from all of us.

Tonight at dinner Lola asked if I was sad because my Mom was dead. I find that my sadness is increasing as the years pass and more life events take place without her. There have been many times over the past five years when I really could have used her. She would have been driving my crazy, but it would have been nice to have her here. I miss you mom.

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Anonymous said...

well said leah, everything, well said
miss her lots