Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Sister Lola

Lola is loving being a big sister. She is so excited about her new little brother that she is sending out e-mails and photos to all of her friends.
Singing and playing songs about him (and just generally jamming out with Grandma.)
She has also learned how about Face Time on the iPad and has been keeping Dylan and Grandpa and Oma up to date on Quinn. She likes to set the iPad up beside Dad's at home work station so that he isn't lonely while he works.
And she has also been consistently and honestly beating us at our version of Bingo. It is a sneaky way of getting her to work on her counting and number recoginition, but don't tell Lola that. She likes this game because she it is just playing not learning.
Regardless, this kid is a hot roller; I think that we should take her and my EI cheque to Vegas.
More updates to come as time and little people allow!

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